Waitlist App

These are the most common questions that we have been asked regarding our waitlist app

What is the difference between the waitlist app, & the upcoming app

As an influencer, you can join the waitlist app and receive benefits of being an early adopter. The biggest incentive is your ability to receive a $1 credit for every friend that you refer.

 The full feature app will provide fast, exclusive access to deals from local merchants. You will receive cashback and discounts from local merchants. The earnings that you accumulate in the waitlist app, will be transferred to the full feature app when it becomes available in your area.  

What will happen to the wait-list app when the full feature app comes out?

The wait-list app will no longer be available, but don’t worry, your earnings will be transferred over to the full feature app. 

How do referral rewards work in the waitlist app?

When you refer friends to join Klippit and they use your referral link or code to sign up, you earn $1. The more friends that sign up with your code or link, the more money you earn.

How will I receive my earnings?

Your earnings will be transferred to the full version of Klippit. You will have the option to send your earnings to a bank account of your choice. 

I changed my phone number — how do I update my account?

If you do not have access to the phone number used to create your account you will need to contact support for further assistance.

When will the full feature app be available?

We are hard at work building the main features of Klippit Daily Deals. We expect to have your virtual wallet ready in late 2021. The Klippit team will notify you as soon as it's ready.

What is a Verified Influencer?

Being a Verified Influencer means that Klippit has confirmed your account is the authentic presence of a public figure. As a Verified Influencer, you qualify to receive higher commission payouts. 

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We’re launching soon! Use the app to join our wait-list and get priority access. Invite friends and you get $1 when they sign up.

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